Born from the desire to create an instrument capable of withstanding all the elements, Balmont was designed to accompany you in the life you have decided to lead. In the maze of Paris, at the epicenter of the Amazon, at the top of Kilimanjaro or snorkeling in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef, Balmont meets a need for precision, durability and escape. In urban or natural environments, in society as in the wild, each of our timepieces adapts to all situations. Thanks to the most demanding design and traditional lines, Balmont is as much a companion as a safe tool. Each glance over its dial is an invitation to travel, an ode to adventure and a reminder that everyone can push their limits.


From its birth at the end of the 17th century until today and from peasant-artisans to cutting-edge manufactures, Switzerland has refined the art of watchmaking to establish itself as the true world cradle of horology. With undeniable savoir-faire and formidable expertise, our watchmakers manufacture and assemble our watches without the slightest compromise on quality. Because every detail counts, Balmont incorporates the best components into the production of its timepieces. And because Swiss tradition goes along with mechanics, don't look for quartz movements because we will never make any. All our calibres are automatic and rigorously adjusted and then tested to tell you the right time no matter the conditions.


With its automatic heart, your Balmont is in perpetual motion, just like you. You depend on it and it feeds on your movements to animate the oscillations of its balance wheel. It never stops as long as you keep going and that's why you need to keep moving forward without ever forgetting that you can surpass yourself. Much more than an idea, Balmont is also an adventure that we invite you to experience ! Discover our missions around the globe that will push you to go beyond your limits to find exclusive models guaranteed for life. Mission briefings will be delivered in each watch box with detailed clues while the GPS coordinates will be hidden in there.